Improving health and nutrition

Vasantha, aged 30 years from Athur village, Sholavaram noticed a change in her voice and gaining weight. But, without much awareness, she never consulted a doctor. During the field visit, the health worker noticed a change in the voice of Vasantha and also swelling of Thyroid gland. She advised Vasantha to go in for Thyroid function tests. Vasantha was diagnosed for Thyroid imbalance.

Vasantha is under medication now. She feels better now and the swelling has remarkably reduced.

The health project aims to identify those having health problems, provide health education, conduct village level camps to diagnose major diseases such as Diabetes & Hyper tension, offer referral and counseling services, run a clinic for homeopathy treatment and collaborate with a specialist institutions for cataract operation, correcting vision problems and screening, early detection and treatment of cancer.

The initial baseline survey conducted by CRUSADE indicated the number of people suffering with various health related issues. At this point, CRUSADE felt the need to help the poor communities to overcome their health problems. The baseline survey conducted in 120 villages in Sholavaram and Minjur Blocks, gave CRUSADE vital health related information about 9460 households. A total of 35,800 population was covered. CRUSADE identified 3700 persons in these villages with various health problems.

CRUSADE provides health related support to the poor communities in the following ways:

Health Education

CRUSADE provides health education to all SHG members at village level through the field staff and Federation Volunteers. A training Manual “Makkal Marthuvam” was developed for the purpose which has 10 modules. The Training of Trainers is done by the Homeopathy doctor who monitors village level training.

Referral & Counseling

Health workers and field staff regularly visit the community members listed out with illnesses. They provide counselling and if required refer to Primary Health Centres, Specialized Health Centers or to Homeopathy clinic run by CRUSADE. The health workers regularly check for improvements and if any further referrals are needed.

Homoeopathy Clinic

The three day a week Homoeopathy clinic at CRUSADE center treats mostly women members and children. Commonly seen health problems are menstrual irregularity, Leucorhea & lower back pain among women. Children with respiratory tract infections, tonsillitis &worm infestations are treated at the clinic.

Diagnostic Camps

CRUSADE conducts diagnostic camps to diagnose Diabetes mellitus and hypertension. During the camp borderline, new cases and also patients under treatment are examined. Advise is given on diet regimen & regular exercise. Patients under treatment are monitored of Blood glucose levels and checkup advised once in six months.


CRUSADE promotes sanitary toilets at family levels to instil hygienic habits as well healthy environment. To build sanitary toilets, CRUSADE provides technical help in constructing toilets and contribution towards skilled manpower to the poor communities in Minjur as well Sholvaram blocks. During the year 2012-2013, financial support was provided to 21 members in Minjur block for the construction of toilets. Technical help in constructing toilets and contribution towards skilled manpower was provided by the project.

CRUSADE works with the community to build soak pits for draining waste water used for bathing and household work. During the year 2012-2013, this facility was provided to 33 families.

The Cancer Screening conducted by CRUSADE in collaboration with Cancer Institute Adayar has enabled the community members to get timely treatment.

Village women interacts during a cancer awareness programme. Through such awareness programmes, these women gets the opportunity to clarify their doubts and learn to get needed treatment.

Rathinam aged 65 of Sengazhaneermedu village, Minjur block, suffered from total loss of vision of left eye because of corneal damage. He was referred during the Eye camp conducted in the village by CRUSADE in collaboration with an Eye care Hospital Chennai. He gained his vision back by a Corneal Replacement done at the hospital.