Community Based Institutions for sustainability

Empowering rural women to manage their lives

The microfinance and related programmes run by PPI – Pudumai Pengal Iyakkam is a critical component of our approach to alleviate poverty and support livelihoods. From supporting rural women to borrow money from the Trust to educating them on health care and empowering the members with knowledge and skills to have their voice in internal as well external matters, PPI plays a crucial role.

Small loans, great impact

PPI, through its revolving fund provides financial assistance for education, income generation, marriages, medical, housing and sanitation. The rural poor women, would otherwise fall prey to lending agents with high interest, to meet their immediate and emergency needs. The loans enable these rural poor women the opportunity to explore their potentials, sustainability to run their families and exhibit individualism to better manage their lives.

The following table indicates the type of loan and the amount given by PPI to its members :

S.No Schemes Groups Total No.of.Members Total Amount (Rs.)
1 Marriage 7 11 3,50,000
2 Housing 5 9 1,00,000
3 Sanitation 9 11 69,000
4 Income Generation 4 7 1,06,000
5 Education 4 6 91,000
Strong leaders for greater impact

PPI is a registered Trust of the project level women groups federation, came into existence in 2007. The Trust at present has 9 members, all drawn from SHGs organized by CRUSADE in Minjur & Sholavaram blocks. The Trust has taken over from CRUSADE the responsibility of monitoring nearly 500 Women groups with 7000 members.

The Trust is involved in women’s development, health and environmental sanitation programs through affiliated groups. Five of the nine Trustees are volunteers involved in community health activities such as conducting household surveys, providing health education to SHG members, identify persons with health problems, counselling and referrals. They organize diagnostic camps for diabetes, hypertension & eye problems.

With the loan given by PPI, Ravishankar was able to expand his business of motor rewinding. Now his monthly income has increased from Rs 3,000 to Rs 6,000.

Ravishankar, 48 years with orthopedic disability from birth is in the special group for the disabled in Pasuvanpalayam

Alamelu of Athoor Village wanted to progress and be independent. She did not want her stunt growth to be a barrier for progress. She approached PPI for support to start a small business.

PPI gave her a loan of Rs 5000 to start selling saress and materials. Alamelu is able to generate a reasonable income with this business and is prompt in repayment too.