Way Forward

CRUSADE’s theme

CRUSADE has been largely successful in its central mission “poverty alleviation of target population” in the project locations. In the years to come, CRUSADE would like to extend the area of operation, keeping its main theme of poverty reduction, directly in adjacent blocks and indirectly through Panchayats in other districts. CRUSADE would like to intensify Micro planning process at ward/panchayats level to replicate its main objective.


Another area of its focus is prevention & promotion aspects of health-care of the communities it works with. CRUSADE is collaborating with specialist institutions in medical care, such as Agarwal Eye Hospital & Cancer Institute in providing quality treatment in an affordable manner. CRUSADE will continue its focus on providing health & nutrition education and diagnostic services to rural population. The recently sanctioned AYUSH project of creating awareness on herbal cures for minor ailments & empowering SHG members in primary health-care by creating herbal gardens and training in processing will help achieve its objectives of low cost treatment of minor illnesses.

Community based organisation

Capacity building of office bearers of the community based organisation – Pudumai Pengal Iyakkam- to make it independent in managing affiliated SHGs and sustainable by meeting its cost is another area CRUSADE would like to complete in the years to come.

Self Help Groups

Assisting SHG members to have affordable all weather housing facility with individual sanitation units will be an ongoing activity through Action Rural Housing, the not-for-profit company promoted by CRUSADE.


Addressing environmental concerns such as solid waste disposal & climate change are other areas CRUSADE will focus which are relevant to its main themes.

Building the skills of Panchayat Presidents

Last but not least, CRUSADE would like involve village panchayats in all its endeavors for sustainability and GSI (the registered association of Panchayat Presidents) will be a conduit to fulfill this dream.

CRUSADE staff identified the village Adambakkam – with only 11 houses. CRUSADE began the work by forming a Self Help Group and starting health and development work including assistance to ultra poor through goat rearing scheme.

A herbal garden created by Maniammal of Thirunilai village.

Rural women enthusiastically planning for Women’s Day. A few years back, they would not have known the significance about Women’ Day.

Women have become independent, sharing responsibility and greater participation in both private and public decision making process. Some of the women, as in the picture, make an income through small entrepreneurial activities.